Next Steps Forward; Unpacking the IHRs and Pandemic Treaty

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We are delighted to announce our SECOND in a series of webinars where we will unpack the recent 77th World Health Assembly in Geneva, and discuss the way forward.

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Our speakers are all well versed on the World Health Assembly outcome, and between them are uniquely positioned to commentate on what transpired at the 77th WHA meetings, and what we need to do now to push back and reject the WHO. Don’t miss this opportunity to join this conversation!

Charles Kovess will host our second online event, with guests James Roguski, Professor Ian Brighthope and Katie Ashby-Koppens. Please see below for more information on our speakers. 

Charles practised tax law for 20 years, then successfully changed career in 1993 to become Australasia’s Passion Provocateur. For the past 31 years he has provided services as a professional speaker, facilitator, executive coach and author. He helps men and women, and both small and large organisations to unleash passion to achieve world-class results, and enjoy life at the same time, whilst handling challenging situations. He earned the international distinction of Certified Speaking Professional, the highest level of speaking qualification. Charles was National President of the National Speakers Association of Australia. 

Over the past 13 years, Charles has been giving strategic advice on legal issues concerning harm to children from vaccines in Australia.  When Covid arrived in March 2020, he recognised the ‘game’ that was being played by Big Pharmaceutical companies and the globalist agenda behind those companies. 

On another note, since 2012, as CEO of Textile & Composite Industries, he has led the commercialization of the world’s best industrial hemp processing machine, the D8 Decorticator. Charles is also the President of Australia’s peak industry body for industrial hemp, The Australian Industrial Hemp Alliance, and is now an Executive Board Member of the Federation of International Hemp Organisations. 

He is the Chairman of the Australian Institute of Comedy, a Board Member of the Kids Foundation Ltd, an innovative children’s educational charity, a Board Member of the Australian Cartoon Museum, and President of the Australia-Hungary Chamber of Commerce & Industry. He is the host of the weekly Mind Medicine Program on TNT Radio and also hosts the weekly Charles Kovess Show.
It is fair to say that Charles is a global thought-leader in the fields of passion, hemp, health, law, comedy & freedom! 

We are fortunate to have Charles as a very active member of the Aligned Council of Australia.